What's up in PE this Week

Week of August 11th- Rules and Regulations

Week of August 18th- Tag Games

     *Mon-Toilet Tag, Superman Tag, Bridge Tag
     *Tues- Scarf Tag
     *Wed-Choice Grade Level Day
     *Thurs-Car Lot Tag
     *Fri-Mac'n Cheese Tag

Week of August 25th-Tag Games

     *Mon-Frogger Tag
     *Tues-Frogger Tag
     *Wed-Choice Grade Level Day
     *Thurs-Dr. Feel Good Tag
     *Fri-Blob Tag

Week of September 2nd-Station Week

*Mon-Labor Day      *Tues-Fitness Stations      *Wed-Choice Grade Level Day      *Thurs-Manipulative Stations      *Fri-Manipulative Stations Week of September 8th- Crab Soccer Week

*Mon-Crab Soccer      *Tues-Crab Soccer      *Wed-Choice Grade Level Day      *Thurs-Crab Soccer      *Fri-Crab Soccer Week of September 15th- Soccer Intro Week

*Mon-Sideline Soccer Intro      *Tues-Sideline Soccer      *Wed-Choice Grade Level Day      *Thurs-Soccer Strategy/Gameplay/Choose Soccer Tourn Teams      *Fri-Sideline Soccer Team Practice Week of September 22nd- Soccer Tournament Round Robin/Seeding Week
*Mon-Soccer Practice with Tourn Teams      *Tues-Soccer Practice with Tourn Teams      *Wed-Choice Grade Level Day      *Thurs-1st Day of Round Robin (POSTERS DUE)      *Fri-Wallace State Nursing Health Clinic/Fit Stations
Week of September 29th- Soccer Tourn Round Robin/Seeding/Champ Series
*Mon-Parent Teacher Conference      *Tues-Finish Round Robin
     *Wed-1st Round of Tournament      *Thurs-2nd Round of Tournament      *Fri-Championship